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Prestige Worldwide
Hey everyone.

With the guild going in the direction of a "gaming community" (which is more than just a guild) we will be moving our website to Enjin. They seem to have more options for community-type websites, better forum features, etc. The website is here:
Please register on the new forums using your main ingame name so that we know who you are.

The website will be under heavy construction until we can get it rocking and rolling. But for now, head over there and register for the forums and whatnot.


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The Guild Plays on Frostwolf


The Guild strives to make the difference in Molten Gaming.


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PvE Raiding guild.


We do it from behind.

Grim Batol

Now open

Shadowfang Keep

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Lost City of the Tol'vir

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Prestige Worldwide
Prestige Worldwide was formed on January 18th, 2011 on Frostwolf (WotLK).
On March 1st, a second branch of PWW was formed for Cataclysm on Greymane.
With the recent decommission of Greymane, PWW once again calls Frostwolf home.

With Cataclysm fixes and more incoming content releases, we are making final touches to our progression raiding roster. There are still opportunities to join us, so check out the class recruiting priority below or read about our application process and apply. Even if your class is not currently in demand, feel free to apply anyway - there is always room for exceptional players. Keep in mind the expectations of our members (particularly raiders) remain high, as ever.


Prestige Worldwide strives to make the difference in gaming. The guild maintains a positive outlook at all times during our time in WoW. We are an eclectic group with members from all walks of life. What ties us all together is our unequivocal desire to succeed, our passion for taking on challenges, and the constant drive to improve.

Raids are scheduled on the forums. PWW seeks to complete all content in a timely manner. To accomplish this we aim for maximum efficiency and efficacy in all of our raids and value these qualities in our members.

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